10 Ways to Generate Qualified Real Estate Leads with Content Marketing

10 Ways to Generate Qualified Real Estate Leads with Content Marketing
by Don Phelps

by Don Phelps

Don Phelps is an entrepreneur who focuses on digital marketing and more specifically "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) for real estate investors. He is also a full-time real estate investor and focuses specifically on single-family rehabs and rental property.

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The face of real estate is changing, the days of print media are gradually coming to an end, a new wave is here already. And if you want to stay relevant and keep making sales in real estate you have to adapt. It is an adapt-or-die kind of deal. Every business over the last decade now has to adapt to this new system of marketing which is majorly powered by the internet. And this system of marketing is called content marketing. 

You may have heard of content marketing before and you are wondering if it works for the real estate business. The truth is that content marketing works for every business. It can produce results and generate qualified leads for every business and real estate is not exempted. But you must note that content marketing is not like other forms of marketing, it requires time and consistency to produce results. 

The question that is in the mouth of most real estate professionals when they hear the word “content marketing” is, how do you use content marketing to generate qualified real estate leads?

This might also be the same question on your mind that brought you here. In this post, I will be sharing with you the best strategies you can use to generate qualified leads with content marketing.

Here are the ten ways you can generate qualified real estate leads with content marketing.

1. Create engaging social media posts that attract your target audience:

If you have ignored social media in the past, well you cannot anymore. Because platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok have shown to be amazing tools to use to generate qualified leads for your real estate business. All you have to do is create content on social media that your target audience can relate to. Get them interested in what you have to say, engage with them via private messages, and generate more leads. When you start putting out content on social media you put your name out there and this births visibility, visibility equals more leads.

As a real estate professional, the major problem you have for not getting enough leads to your business is “obscurity”. When you learn how to attract qualified buyers/sellers with content on social media platforms and websites, the sky will be your starting point.

2. Create high-quality blog posts: 

It is about time you get a blog for your real estate business. Many professionals fail at this because they think they don’t have enough time to create attention-grabbing content on their websites to bring in leads.

The truth is, as a real estate professional your main job is doing real estate deals and not sitting down to write content. This important section of your business growth can be outsourced to a professional content marketing company that can handle that part effectively for your business without you lifting a finger.

Through a blog, you can create content that answers industry questions that your target audience may have. This helps them to encounter and interact with your brand and this generates leads for you. When you put up blog posts consistently, you start positioning yourself as an expert in real estate and this draws more people. 

3. Offer Lead Magnets like Free Ebooks:

Another way you can generate leads is by giving away free ebooks. Create an ebook on a topic that you know your target audience will find interesting and give it to them. In return, ask for their emails. This will help you build a mailing list of people who are genuinely interested in real estate and can become potential clients in the future.

Please note: The free ebook you are giving should be very valuable that your audience finds it impressive and it should not be more than 10 or at most 20 pages eBook, to enable them to read the content and finish it. 

4. Use high-quality email marketing techniques:

Another way you can leverage content marketing for your real estate business is through email marketing. And I do not mean all those “salesy” emails that turn your potential clients off. I mean valuable emails that they will find valuable. By the time you offer them premium content for free through your email, you lead them down the sales funnel and identify more qualified leads.

Many real estate businesses fail because they don’t have a proper sales funnel their prospect go through. To avoid that, here is a proper way to create a high conversion real estate funnel for real estate professionals.

5. Offer value-packed free webinars: 

Content marketing is all about giving away free content and hoping to end up making a sale at the end of the day. And hosting webinars is a very powerful way of bringing potential clients to get in touch with your real estate business. Look for an interesting topic, host a webinar that your target clients will find meaningful, and generate more leads using that. You can also bring in professionals who are experts in certain areas to discuss a topic that they will gain from. This helps to generate leads too. 

6. Leverage the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Earlier we talked about blogging but for blogging to benefit you, you need SEO. This is simply a tactic that is employed on your blog to ensure that your posts rank on the top of search engines for your target keywords. You know that when people google real estate topics, they will find your brand there. SEO will help you with this but it is a long-term game, it does not happen overnight. So you need to keep putting out SEO-optimized content on your website and ensure that your website was built to rank on google. 

7. Offer free and paid courses.

As a real estate business, you understand the real estate world, but some people do not and they are willing to even pay to learn more about the real estate world. Offer them online courses to meet this need. This does two things for you: First, it makes you money on the side and also it helps you generate qualified leads. We are in a world where people are hungry for knowledge and you can use that to your advantage to generate more leads for your business. 

8. Leverage Influencer marketing: 

If you are a new real estate business and you do not have enough followers on social media, you can leverage influencers. Use them to distribute your content and this draws people to you because they have more visibility online than you do. 

9. Run ads to promote your lead magnet: 

Your lead magnet can be an ebook, webinar, or whatever you want as a lead magnet, but one way to prompt it is via ads, especially social media ads. Invest in promoting your lead magnet and placing it in the front of those who need it and this will give you more qualified leads. 

10. Be consistent

All the tactics mentioned above are mainly long-term tactics, they take time to work. You need to invest the time required for those tactics to work. Whether you are creating an ebook as a lead magnet or hosting a webinar, this requires some kind of effort and time on your side to help you get the desirable results. And this is where many real estate businesses miss it, they are looking for quick results. Content marketing is not for quick results it is for the long-term, and for sustainable results. 


Content marketing is here to stay and you must leverage it to generate more qualified leads for your real estate business if you want to survive and grow. Use the tactics shown above to generate more leads, increase your influence in the real estate world, and produce more results. As already mentioned do not expect quick results, it is a process but it works well. 


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