7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Investors
by Don Phelps

by Don Phelps

Don Phelps is an entrepreneur who focuses on digital marketing and more specifically "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) for real estate investors. He is also a full-time real estate investor and focuses specifically on single-family rehabs and rental property.

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As things are, it makes very little or no sense that a real estate investor is not making the most of digital marketing. This is because of the several things at stake when this marketing approach is not engaged.

Some of the advantages of digital marketing include improved brand visibility, increased channels to exhibit creativity, and easier reach to one’s target audience. It is for these reasons and more that real estate investors should not turn a blind eye to this marketing approach.

However, it is also important that they go about this the right way. In other words, they should be aware of the right digital marketing strategies to make this work. It is on this note that we will fill you in on 7 important digital marketing strategies that you should be aware of.


Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors Today

As a real estate investor that has decided to use the digital marketing approach, this is a step in the right direction. However, you should know that many of your competitors already know the importance of digital marketing and have started making the most of it.

As a result, you need something that would give you an edge. Well, that would be making use of effective digital marketing strategies. Some of such strategies include the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization & Local SEO

Many of your prospective clients make use of search engines when looking to buy or sell their homes. They make use of search engines like Google because of how information can be easily gotten on such platforms. Effective search engine optimization strategies can help you rank on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPS) like Google when prospects are searching for your money keyword. You should make the most of this by ensuring you have the right amount of visibility and that’s what good search engine optimization can help you achieve.

When trying to rank on search engines as a real estate investor, the best type of keywords to rank for are keywords specific to where you operate and that is what is known as Local SEO (which stands for local search engine optimization). This helps your prospective leads and customers to easily locate you when looking to buy or sell their homes. For example, if you buy and sell homes in Austin, Texas you should try and rank for real estate keywords around Austin, Texas.

Here is an example of good SEO keywords for a real estate investor in Austin, TX to rank for:
i. Austin homes for sale
ii. How much is my Austin home worth?
iii. How to sell my Austin TX home for more?
iv. Buying second home in Austin
v. horse farms outside of Austin, TX, and more.

These keywords are not generic but hyper-localized. This is the best way to approach your SEO strategies as no buyer or seller wants to work with a generalist. They want to work with a Realtor who specializes in the area they are interested in and ranking for top keywords in those areas. One of the ways this can happen is by optimizing your page on these search engines.

  • Content Marketing

You should not play down the importance of content marketing as a real estate investor aiming for revenue increase and business expansion at large. One of the other things that you should understand is that there are several sides to content marketing and all of them have their impact.

For example, visual marketing through the strategic use of videos is guaranteed to draw more attention. This is what you want and so you need to properly package your content. Your content needs to address the pain points of your prospective customers as this is a huge step in getting them on your side.

  • Email Marketing

It might seem like the use of emails, especially for marketing purposes has become archaic. Well, this is far from the truth. Email marketing can make so much positive difference if it is engaged the right way.

This is because many people across the world (including your leads and prospective clients) use emails as means of communicating. As mentioned earlier, the use of emails for this purpose just needs to be strategic. For one, you need to be aware of email marketing etiquette that would guarantee you success in this regard.

Email marketing can also help you to keep in touch with past clients who might be looking to buy a new home or sell their home. You have to be top of mind to those clients and email marketing is a great tool for that.

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) & Retargeting Ads

Internet advertising has become so effective over time. One of the reasons for this is down to the ability to engage adverts strategically. This simply means that the advert is targeted rather than generic. As a result, only the needed sets of people get to know what your brand has to offer. This is cost-effective and generally effective.

Some of the inorganic internet advertising options that guarantee this is Pay-per-click (PPC) and Retargeting Ads. This is especially the case with the latter.

As for retargeting ads, it works by only bringing adverts the ways of people that have taken certain expected steps before but that have not completed the process. By using retargeting ads, these people are more likely to move further down the sales funnel.

Pay-per-click (PPC) works by only charging the advertiser only when clicks are made by the target audience. Both online advertising options have proven to be very effective and you can make the most of them as a real estate investor.

  • Social Media

Many of your prospective clients are situated on some digital platforms. They frequent these platforms and you can make the most of them in gaining access to your prospective clients.

Unsurprisingly, social media platforms are digital spaces where many of your prospective and even established clients can be found. That is why you need to make good use of them.

For one, make sure you have social media platforms integrated into your brand’s website. This is so that you do not miss out on what you can gain from these platforms. Other than this, you should also work on social media-based advertisements for revenue growth and business expansion at large.

Ensure you’re active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram dropping your new listings and offers you have on the ground and this will help you reach more prospects and stay top of mind. Like most real estate investors, if you don’t have time for updating your social media pages you can hire the services of a social media management company to help you stay up to date.

  • Web Design

The look of your brand’s website says a lot about your brand. At least, this is what many prospective clients of yours think. It is for this reason you should do all reasonably possible to put your website in the right state and shape.

For starters, pay attention to the design of your company’s website. Colors should be used creatively but reasonably. Many websites have great and relevant content but still do not measure up to standard. One of the common explanations for this is poor web design. So, make sure this is not the case with yours.

A well-designed and optimized website also helps in your search engine optimization. 

  • Marketing Automation + CRM

The use of some digital tools will do you a lot of good. This is because of how helpful these tools can ensure you achieve marketing goals easily and quickly. Marketing Automation Software tools and Customer Relationship Management tools are examples of such.

With marketing automation software tools, for instance, you would be able to carry out important but repetitive and boring marketing tasks easily and quickly. Customer Relationship Management tools also ensure that nothing catches you off-guard as it concerns your business relationship with clients.

One of the great things about both tools is the analytics features. These are features that allow you to keep track of success rates.



Understanding the importance of digital marketing is a no-brainer for serious-minded real estate investors. However, it should be engaged the right way. This is why we have discussed 7 strategic ways to make this marketing approach work for you as a real estate investor. You should make the most of this information from now on. Remember, hiring an experienced digital marketing firm like CTX Marketing is important to effectively implement these 7 digital marketing strategies for real estate investors and start winning!


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