25 Blog Topic Ideas for Real Estate Investors

Blog Topic Ideas for Real Estate Investors
by Don Phelps

by Don Phelps

Don Phelps is an entrepreneur who focuses on digital marketing and more specifically "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) for real estate investors. He is also a full-time real estate investor and focuses specifically on single-family rehabs and rental property.

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A few weeks ago I talked about the importance of local SEO for real estate investors. If you read that post you know how important blogging is for any real estate investor.

If you’re still floundering about the best blog topic ideas to post on your real estate website to attract more traffic and engage your potential customers, quit struggling as I will share with you the best ideas you can model going forward.

Be informed that what I will be sharing with you here are 25 blog ideas – not blog posts, but ideas you can use to generate lots of blog posts for your real estate business.

But before we dive into sharing these ideas with you, I will like to restate why you need a blog as a real estate investor and how crucial it is for building a sustainable real estate business.

Why you should own a Blog? 

There are various reasons why you should own a blog as a real estate investor. Most investors do not see the need for owning a blog and this is because they do not know the myriads of advantages that owning a blog can give to them. So here are some reasons why you should own a blog.

  1. It helps you to reach more people: Every day, billions of people access the internet and some of those people can be your potential clients. But how will they know you exist if you do not have an online presence? They will certainly not know that you exist. But when you own a blog, you can reach more people because blog posts help you drive more visitors to your website by providing necessary pieces of information to your target market.
  2. Establish Authority in your Niche: Owning a blog and writing on important topics that are relevant to your niche, helps to establish you as a voice in that space. Your blog is your business card, it shows people what you are capable of.
  3. Helps you build a community: Owning a blog helps you build your community and this helps you to always have a pool of clients that you can always do business with. There is nothing more powerful than owning your online community.
  4. Helps you stand out: Finally, owning a blog helps you to stand out. When you blog, it makes you the 1% of real estate investors out of the 99% that do not blog. 
  5. Helps you build a more sustainable business: We all know that traffic is the lifeblood of any business including the real estate business. The more traffic you drive to your business, the more customers you will have, and the more money you can make from your business.

    There are several ways to generate traffic for your business such as online advertising, which is the quickest way to drive traffic to a business. But the problem with online advertising is that the more businesses move to utilize online ads to generate more traffic to their business the costlier it becomes that a smart business owner can hardly breakeven.

    This is not a very sustainable way to grow a business in the long run as the cost of online advertising will keep going up as more businesses join the trend.

Unlike blogging, the more you post useful information for your target audience on your blog, the more it grows over time and generates more visitors who now like and trust you because of the information you provided for them earlier, which will make them more willing to do business with you.

The two most important thing about blogging is that it brings in well-targeted visitors and it is “FREE”, unlike online ads, you’re not charged when someone clicks on your link

There you go, those are the various reasons why you need to own your blog. The thing is that most real estate investors know all these reasons but they get stuck sometimes because they do not have enough content ideas. They struggle to come up with ideas and that is why they pass off starting a blog or they start a blog and are not consistently posting.

This post is aimed at helping you to generate some content ideas that you can use on your blog as a real estate investor. These ideas will help you to drive traffic, establish authority and stand out in your niche.

25 Blog Topic Ideas for Real Estate Investors 

Here are some ideas that you can build content around on your blog.

  1. Affordable properties: Create a list of the lowest priced properties in your local market. This topic idea is one that you can draw attention to your blog and grow your influence. When you write about affordable properties in your area that you are listing or investing in, it will help you get more clients. You can make this post a list so that people can navigate it easily. 
  2. Luxury properties: List of luxury properties that are up for sale in the local market. Help your readers know what is available and some of the houses that you can show them that are up for sale or lease. 
  3. List of safe neighborhoods to invest in: A whole lot of people are concerned about the safety of their investment. So if you can create content that lists safe neighborhoods to buy houses in, it will be great for your audience. 
  4. Things to consider before buying a house: You can discuss the things you need to consider before you buy a house and it will add value greatly to your audience. 
  5. Hacks you use when surveying a house to invest in. Here you discuss hacks that you use to survey a house you are scouting. 
  6. What should you know about staging a home? In this blog post, you talk about staging a home. What it means and how to go about it. 
  7. Common maintenance mistakes to avoid when selling a home. Writing on this will require a bit of research if you do not know much about it. 
  8. Advertise price reductions. You should always advertise price reductions on your blog to keep your readers updated. 
  9. Property taxes: What one should expect in specific areas. In this blog post, you can discuss property taxes in specific areas to keep your audience updated. 
  10. Notable interviews with prominent people in your niche. You can conduct interviews and post them on your blog. 
  11. Local housing trends. You should keep updating your audience on local housing trends. 
  12. Areas with investment potentials: You can highlight areas with investment potentials on your blog and forecast their profitability. 
  13. What activities are available for kids in specific areas? This blog post can focus on activities for kids in specific areas. 
  14. Testimonial posts: Write about what past client experiences or what your past clients have to say. 
  15. How is technology affecting real estate? Discuss technology trends and how they affect the world of real estate. 
  16. Market statistics for specific areas including price comparison and feasibility studies. 
  17. Handle FAQs by first time buyers. This will help the newbies who are in your audience a whole lot and it will keep them coming back. 
  18. Renting and Buying: Which is better? Here you discuss the pros and cons of renting and buying property.
  19. How to qualify for a home loan. 
  20. Things to ask your estate agent. Here you can list questions that one should ask estate agents before using their services. 
  21. Advantages and disadvantages of an open house. 
  22. What are credit scores and why are they important to you. 
  23. How to become a real estate agent or investor. Let’s be frank, some of your audience might be interested in becoming a real estate agent or investor, and sharing an in-depth post on this will help to establish you as an authority. 
  24. What are your rights as a tenant? 
  25. Signs that it is time to sell your home?

These are all great content ideas you can use to drive traffic to your blog. From these ideas, you can draw up others and keep your blog active.


Like I stated earlier, at one time or the other, most people have toyed with the idea of starting a blog. Real estate investors are not exempted, you may have also thought about this because you know how powerful a blog is to drive more people to their business.

I hope this post motivates and helps you to start blogging on your real estate website.

If you have more questions about blogging on your site, growing your real estate business using online marketing strategies, or need a professional to help you blog consistently on your website, kindly contact us and we will provide solutions to any of your questions.

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