PPC for Real Estate Investors

PPC for real estate investors
by Don Phelps

by Don Phelps

Don Phelps is an entrepreneur who focuses on digital marketing and more specifically "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) for real estate investors. He is also a full-time real estate investor and focuses specifically on single-family rehabs and rental property.

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In recent times, a solid knowledge of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be the game changer for any real estate investor.

Unlike SEO that takes time, you are practically reaping your fruits as soon as you plant your seeds. This time your seed is your money. If you’ve got the money to spend, you can get your results on autopilot with PPC.

What is more interesting is that you can know how much it would take for you to get conversion from your prospects.

You just need to know how to do it correctly.

If you a real estate investor and you will like to know how to use PPC advertising to attract only relevant audience or leads to your website, then you should read this post till the end.

In this post, you will discover:

  • What is PPC for real estate investors?
  • Benefits of PPC for real estate investors
  • The best platform for PPC for real estate investors
  • Some tips to optimize your campaign

Let’s dive in.

What is PPC for real estate investors?

Simply put, PPC for real estate is when you pay for every click to your website from a prospective client.

PPC for real estate investors refers to the process of paying an advertising platform such as Google, Bing, or Reddit for targetted traffic of home buyers, distressed sellers, or people who don’t want to use realtors. 

PPC advertising allows you to create a campaign that involves paying for targeted keywords that your leads are using to look for your real estate business.

So that only relevant audience would see the ad, the campaign is often optimized around relevant factors such as location, demographics, and interests.

This means that while creating your campaign, you have the option of excluding people that are not interested in home buying and selling. 

The truth is your audience is out there in search engine (such as Google and Bing) and social media (such as Facebook and Reddit).

Rather than spend time trying to organically build authority around certain keywords which is important but takes a lot of time, you can just jump in front of your audience who are looking for your services using PPC ads.

In fact, we advise implementing SEO for real estate investors as a long-term marketing strategy while utilizing PPC for real estate investors to instantly generate quality leads to your business.

Benefits of using PPC for Real Estate Investors

Get leads on autopilot

As a real estate investor, you are interested in getting clients that either want to buy or sell houses. So you don’t want irrelevant traffic on your website.

Thanks to PPC ads, you can get qualified leads on autopilot.

If you are targeting the right traffic, with a great copy, offer, and landing page, you can begin to get leads on the same day you create your campaign. 

So you don’t have to worry about getting quality traffic for your website.

Get targetted audience in buying mode

Unlike SEO that brings any type of audience/demographics, PPC ads only send people who are interested in your service to your website. 

Additionally, you have the option of specifying the audience you want your ad to reach.

So you are essentially getting leads that are in the buying mode rather than people who are searching for random information on the internet.

It goes without saying that your offer has to speak directly to their needs. Otherwise, you’ll lose that traffic to a competitor that’s also bidding for that keyword.

Easy to measure your cost per conversion

It is easier for real estate investors to invest in PPC when they know the ROI of their investment. 

Most online advertising platforms provide detailed breakdown on how the budget is spent.

You are able to estimate your cost per click, the numbers of people seeing your ad, which of your ad is performing best, which keywords are bringing the most conversion, and the cost per conversion.

For instance, if your dashboard is showing that you are spending $10 per click and $100 per lead, assuming it takes 10 leads to convert, then it means you are spending $1000 on sealing 1 deal.

If this is profitable for you, you can scale this ad campaign to get more clients. 

On the flip side, you can also stop the ad and optimize the campaign. It could be that there’s an issue with the ad copy, the landing page, or the offer.

In short, these pieces of information will help you better optimize your campaign and budget properly for how much to spend on running the ad.

It can also help you decide if to continue the campaign by yourself or if to hire a PPC Agency for real estate investors to optimise the campaign for you.

Flexible campaign system

As earlier stated, if a campaign is not performing as expected or if the cost per conversion is getting expensive, such an ad campaign can be stopped and optimized again.

The ad copy can be changed, and some tweaking done to both the audience and the landing page.

So unlike traditional ads which may be difficult to change the details that are not converting, you get away with that using PPC ads.

The best platform for PPC for real estate investors

The best platform for PPC for real estate investors is Google.

Although most social media platforms (Facebook, Reddit, Linkedin) and search engine(e.g. Bing) offer PPC ad services, none has the reach of Google.

That is why Google Ad is the best platform to launch your PPC campaign.

In fact, most of your potential clients who are in the hunting mode resort to Google to find a real estate investor.

While we recommend using the Google Ad platform, if you have a fat budget, you can also advertise on Bing and other platforms.

Your audience may see your offer as they scroll through their feeds. The only downside is that at that point, they may be relaxing and not be in the buying mode.

While Facebook has a cheaper cost per click, another downside to using Facebook Ad is that you’ll require more leads per conversion than Google ads, as Google ads provide leads that are actively searching for the solution you provide.

Some tips to optimize your campaign

Do your keyword research to know what your audience is looking for: If you are a real estate investor looking to buy houses, you don’t want to target people that are looking to hire a realtor. So you want to ensure you are bidding for the right keyword. This can make or mar your campaign and will cost you a lot if you get it wrong.

Naturally insert your keywords in your ad: It’s useful to naturally insert your target keyword in your ad. There are two benefits of doing this. Firstly, it comes out bold when it appears in search results. Secondly, your prospects are likely to click on your website in the search results when your snippet has a keyword that’s related to their search intent. 

Remember to cap your ad budget: If left unchecked, it can go beyond limits and you don’t want to spend money on an ad that’s not converting.

Use dynamic creatives: For your ad copy, it’s advisable to use two creatives: a video and an image. One of these two along with a compelling copy would surely drive your prospects to your landing page.

Write clear copy and provide maximum information: You should create an attractive and irresistible offer that would drive your prospect to your landing page. In addition, it would be beneficial to have a useful frequently asked question section.

Lastly, remember to include a call to action: Since home buyers and sellers want to talk right away, it would be useful to strategically place your contact info where they can easily locate it.

Final Thoughts

It is highly beneficial for real estate investors to take advantage of PPC advertising. A lot of work is required in creating and optimizing the campaign. When done right, it could lead to massive ROI. But it could be disastrous if done wrongly. A lot of money could be lost and you don’t want this. Hence, you can hire a professional to assist with the optimization and management of your PPC campaign.

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